Swimmer's Foot Amputated After Lake Norman Boating Accident

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A swimmer in North Carolina’s Lake Norman survived a scary boating accident – but lost a foot in the process. Reports show that the man was swimming near the Trump International Golf Club in Charlotte when he was struck by speed boat. Though details about the incident are sparse, we know that the victim had to be rushed to the hospital. There, doctors deemed his injuries to his foot severe enough to merit amputation. It’s not clear whether or not anyone has been charged in connection to the accident.

The Danger of a Day on the Lake

While much is made about the distractions motorists face behind the wheel these days, boaters have just as many distractions. Details have not emerged about exactly how this incident occurred, but it’s possible that the boater was distracted, drunk, or otherwise careless at the helm. A day on the lake should be fun and relaxing, but enjoying time on the water responsibly can be a challenge for some boaters. As more information about this accident comes to light, the injured swimmer may have cause to file a personal injury claim against the person responsible.

Amputation Injuries

Amputations are a medical last resort because they are so life-changing. The victim may face an uphill battle recovering from the injury, and will be forever impacted by the loss of their foot. On top of medical bills, prescription costs, and the price of physical therapy, they may require an expensive prosthesis. If the person responsible for this accident was careless in the moments leading up to the incident, they may be held liable for these costs.

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