Warmer Weather and Water Accidents: Staying Safe on the Waves

Whether it's boating, swimming, jet skiing, or kayaking, water sports provide an exciting and enjoyable way to beat the heat. However, it's crucial to be aware of the potential risks. May 24, 2023 READ MORE

Moor Often than Knot Alcohol is to Blame

Warm temperatures bring everyone out to the water. Whether you’re a boater, a swimmer, or you just enjoy watching the waves from your lounge chair, summer means time by the water. After all, sunshine, a breeze, and a cold beer make for a wonderful combination. Throw in an afternoon on the water, and you’ve got […] June 18, 2020 READ MORE

Stay Safe on the Water with COVID-19 Boating Tips

There are few experiences more freeing than coasting along the water in a boat. Given the uncertain times we’re living in, it’s more important than ever to blow off steam and relax with your loved ones. While a day on the open ocean can indeed relieve stress, it’s crucial to continue social distancing as you […] June 01, 2020 READ MORE

Alcohol Tops List of Factors in Fatal Boating Accidents

Alcohol played a contributing role in nearly 20 percent of fatal boating accidents in 2018. That’s the conclusion the US Coast Guard has come to after tallying up national boating accident numbers in their annual Recreational Boating Statistics Report. Alcohol was a leading factor in at least 19 percent of the boating accident fatalities in […] March 16, 2020 READ MORE

How Long Will A Virginia Personal Injury Claim Take?

Many of our clients are eager to learn how long their personal injury claim will take. Unfortunately, there is no quick or easy answer to this question. Here’s how the average timeline often works out: Initial consultation. When a potential client schedules an initial meeting with our team, they share their story and learn of […] January 08, 2020 READ MORE

Do I need to hire a personal injury lawyer?

A: No. You are not required to hire a personal injury lawyer to make a claim. However,  you need to be careful not to sign away your legal rights with the other insurance company for a small settlement.  If you agree to a settlement and sign the release papers, you cannot ask for more money […] January 03, 2020 READ MORE

Swimmer’s Foot Amputated After Lake Norman Boating Accident

A swimmer in North Carolina’s Lake Norman survived a scary boating accident – but lost a foot in the process. Reports show that the man was swimming near the Trump International Golf Club in Charlotte when he was struck by speed boat. Though details about the incident are sparse, we know that the victim had […] August 09, 2019 READ MORE

Virginia Beach Jet Ski Explosion

Authorities responded to the scene of a Virginia Beach jet ski accident in which two women were injured. The accident occurred in waters off of Spigel Drive, which is near the Lynnhaven River, leaving one woman with traumatic injuries and the other with a burn injury. According to reports, one woman was attempting to start the […] July 28, 2014 READ MORE