New Law, Drunken Cycling Banned in Virginia

Picture this:

It’s late at night, and you’re heading home from a party, concert or bar. You’ve had a few drinks, but you’ve got your bicycle. Riding home on your bike is surely safer than driving home, right?


Driving any vehicle while under the influence of alcohol is incredibly dangerous – and, thanks to a law passed in 2017 – illegal. Bicycles, personal assistive mobility devices, mopeds, and electric power-assisted bikes are all classified as vehicles in SB1223, meaning you can indeed be arrested for driving drunk while operating them.

Defining Drunk “Driving”

While cycling is certainly quite different from driving, the elements involved are more similar than you might believe. Whether you’re operating a bike, an SUV, or a motorized scooter, alcohol can seriously impact your judgment and hand-eye coordination. While you may be capable of less damage to others while riding a bicycle, the risk of being involved in a deadly accident remains the same.

The Safest Way to Get Home

If you plan on drinking, explore your transportation options before you begin imbibing. Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are perhaps the most convenient options, but downloading the apps and setting up payment can be difficult after you’ve had a few. Be sure to create your account and plug your credit card details in before you head out for the night. Another option? Call a trusted designated driver to pick you up.

No matter how you decide to travel, avoid taking the driver’s seat yourself!

Virginia Bicycle Accident Lawyer, Injury Attorneys

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