4 Things All Cyclists Want Drivers to Know

bicycle hit by carMost drivers have become impatient with road cyclists at one point or another. They move more slowly that the rest of traffic, they’re difficult to maneuver around and sharing the road with them can be downright frustrating for most drivers. Much fewer of us have experienced the other side of the coin: the frustration of cycling with impatient drivers surrounding us. Here are four things all road cyclists want drivers to know:

  • Slow down. Cyclists have fewer protections surrounding them than the average motorist, meaning high speed collisions are incredibly dangerous for them. Even low speed crashes can spell death when a person is on a bicycle. With that in mind, slow down while you’re driving in the presence of a cyclist. Pass slowly just in case.
  • Keep the bike lane clear. In places with sharrows, drive in the left lane when possible. It’s easy to share the road if traffic is light, so back off of slow cyclists and use the left lane.
  • Mind your blind spots. Probably the number one cause of crashes between cyclists and vehicles is blind spots. If drivers fail to check before merging or changing lanes, it’s easy to overlook a cyclist in their path. Just a quick glance or two over each shoulder can limit the severity of such accidents and hopefully prevent them from occurring altogether.
  • Be kind. This goes for all motorists, really. The world would be an easier place in which to drive if we all handled one another with a bit more care. Smiles, waves and general courtesy can go a long way on the road!

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