Cyclist Killed in VA Beach Crash

35236906_mConfusion over cycling laws and the right of way may have led to a Virginia Beach cyclist’s death this weekend. The June 2, 2018 accident occurred around 10 AM at the intersection of Pacific Avenue and 16th street. Police say the cyclist was heading eastbound to cross over Pacific and 16th when a Kia Sorento struck him while in a crosswalk.

Authorities say the cyclist did not have the right of way at the time of the collision. The driver stayed on scene and cooperated with police as they conducted their investigation. EMS took the cyclist to a local hospital where he sadly succumbed to his injuries. There are no charges pending for the driver.

Crosswalk Confusion

Pedestrians may be used to having the right of way when dealing with many crosswalks, but when cyclists hit the road, they’re required to follow traffic laws. Too often, when a cyclist enters a crosswalk, cars screech to a halt to let them cross. This is not only disobeying the right of way, but it endangers the life of the cyclist and other drivers who may become confused by the law.

Practicing Caution

While the laws surrounding cyclist’s rights and the right of way might be confusing, it’s important to always share the road. Be aware of cyclists riding in the vicinity of your vehicle, and slow down if there is obvious confusion about who has the right of way. When in doubt, slowing down and sharing the road is always a good idea!

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