Make Road Cycling Safer With These Bike Upgrades

cyclist next to car

If you love cycling, chances are good that you’re already well-versed in the best gear, clothing and helmets on the market. But if you’re cycling with safety in mind, the gear you have might need upgraded. Here’s a list of ways you can update your biking equipment to ensure the safest ride possible:

  • Add lights. If you do any kind of early morning or evening cycling, adding blinking lights to your bike can do wonders to increase visibility. Even if you don’t often ride in the dark, the lights can alert drivers to your presence on the road even on the sunniest of days.
  • Invest in a helmet-mounted mirror. While this isn’t quite as good as adding eyes to the back of your head, the addition of mirrors to your biking experiences gives you so much more knowledge about the changing traffic patterns around you.
  • Dress reflectively. That’s right, it’s time to add some reflective clothing to your wardrobe. If you do any significant cycling on the road, this step is a must. Reflective clothes can increase visibility and alert drivers to your presence on the road.
  • Safety first. Adding a first aid kit to your saddle bag isn’t just a smart idea, it could mean the difference between a minor injury and an infection. Bactine, bandaids, aspirin and gauze are easy and affordable things to carry with you at all times.

Though no amount of gear can completely protect cyclists from a collision with a vehicle, these things can help limit the damage done!

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