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Free Virginia Lead Poisoning Book


Thousands of children were needlessly poisoned in our country, many in public housing projects, throughout the last 30 years. Lead contaminated waste from industry pollutes communities, frequently in the poorest sections of cities, which lack the resources and the power to address this social injustice.

Child lead poisoning cases present a number of complex legal, medical, and scientific issues. Richard Serpe has spent hundreds of hours lecturing on lead poisoning and helping lawyers across the country navigate the investigation of lead paint poisoning cases. This book reflects his efforts on behalf of lead poisoned children in cases against land lords, product manufacturers, housing authorities, and lead paint companies.

Valuable Information You Will Find In This Free Book Includes:

      • The Secrets to Winning Substantial Settlements
      • The Biggest Mistakes Lawyers Make & How to Avoid Them
      • How to Determine the Value of a Case
      • Tips to Avoiding Needless Filing Expenses
      • How You Can Start Handling These Cases Now

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