Free Accident Legal Book Download - Thank You!

Thank you for requesting my book.

web preview_2DThank you for requesting my book, “The 5 Keys to Winning Your Virginia Accident Case,” that was recently publishedThis book contains important information about the laws in Virginia relating to your accident and the types of damages the victim can claim. It also teaches you how to find the best lawyer for your case. Many insurance companies try to pay you a quick settlement before you speak with a lawyer.

We urge you to read our book before you speak with anyone. Remember that the forms the insurance company sends you to sign are legally binding and often cannot be "undone."

If you would like to discuss your case, please call to arrange a meeting in my office or to talk about you case over the phone. Just call 1-877-544-5323 to speak with one of our Virginia personal injury attorneys.

There are strict time deadlines for filing claims and a lawsuit which is why may need to contact a lawyer immediately. If you miss a deadline, your claim could be lost forever.

Richard J. Serpe