How much time do I have to sue in a car accident?

What are the time deadlines for filing an injury claim?Answer: Under Virginia law, it is necessary to file a lawsuit within strict deadlines imposed by law. In many cases, Virginia provides for a two-year deadline also known as a Statute of Limitations (SOL).

If the injured person is a child or a person with a mental disability, this period can often be extended beyond two years. Also, special circumstances may apply for wrongful death cases depending on the location of death, the occupation of the decedent, and the application of special state and federal laws.

Don’t Wait Too Long

While two years might seem like a long time, the investigation and negotiation processes can be lengthy.

Once you have missed this deadline, you will no longer be able to file a claim. In order to protect your rights, we recommend you contact an attorney immediately to find out the time limitations involved in suing the driver of the car that caused the accident.

Virginia Car Accident Lawyer

In most cases, you should contact an attorney to assist you during the claims process and the fight for the compensation that you deserve after being injured by a negligent driver. Experienced car accident lawyers can help give you peace of mind during a difficult time while maximizing your recovery. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have been in a car accident and need help dealing with insurance companies.

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